Yule Goddess Package $155 - This goddess treatment is a collaboration of sacred treatments, all and in part, a delightful experience centered around making a woman feel valued, respected & deeply loved.

Heista, wise woman & the goddess of home, hearth and family is the inspiration of our holiday treatment. A goddess of reflection, she is represented by the hearth fire. A sacred fire that she carefully tends to providing illumination & heat for warmth and food. Her intuitive sense is keenly aware, with a focused inward centeredness she helps a woman stay grounded & focused in the midst of chaos, disorder and everyday living. In our modern world, her feminine values are often overlooked while she provides a home ambiance that is warm, secure & loving. She's the pillar, the corner stone in every home.

Beginning your massage treatment you will be honored with a foot scrub of Pomegranate & Fig, followed by a foot soak in our copper basin with a blended mix of flowers, goats milk & herbs. A unique oil blend is a highlight of this goddess massage treatment. Blending Siberian Fir, Sweet Orange & healing Neroli, this blend provides a soothing, grounding & uplifting experience. Spending extra time and attention to your scalp & head, allowing for connection & inspiration to be birthed. Warm towels and Basalt stones will be used throughout your experience for complete serenity. At the culmination of your treatment, you may pick an inspirational card from the Heart & Soul oracle deck for love, life & transformation.


Available through the winter season 2022.